Live Printing in Buffalo with Team Radio

On Friday, August 7, We collaborated to present Live Printing in Buffalo with Team Radio creating customized shirts, tanks and baseball jerseys for the Team Radio and AraabMuzik fans.  Following the theme and vibe of brand Team Radio with collaboration with head coach Chae Hawk we created a live printing event at their music showcase at the Town Ball Room in Buffalo NY and allowed customers to choose their logo, logo placement and give them the freedom to customize the shirt with their name and number on the back.

The feedback to our live shirt printing service was embraced and people loved that they were able to create a one of a kind custom t-shirt with their favorite local music group branding.  We printed from 8-1am and closed up the showcase.  It was a cool opportunity to work with the musicians and present the service

We are so excited to collaborate in the future custom apparel with Team Radio!

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Drum machine master Araabmuzik came to the Town Ballroom, presented by Chae Hawk’s Surveying the crowd, it was easy to tell that they came to party. DJ Heat kept things live with hit after hit, which the crowd responded to with some pretty outrageous dance moves. Openers Nameless did a fine job of warming up the already excited crowd with their scrappy original hip hop tracks, showing that they have the potential to do some damage on the local scene. Chae Hawk, who organized the party as his fourth annual summer Teamwork concert series, effortlessly delivered a highly tuned and emotionally charged set of all original music. He primed the crowd with a photo montage of friends and family, some of whom passed away earlier this year, including his good friends Craig Reynolds and Lance Diamond. He moved into a set of tracks from his latest record, Dance Party For The Heavy Hearted, as well as some newer collaborations with Nameless in his typically smooth fashion. Veteran Buffalo rapper Quadir Lateef made a surprise cameo to drop a two-minute long a capella freestyle, which turned out to be one of the highlights of the night.

Araabmuzik took the stage but quickly ran into some techincal difficulties (that’ll happen when you’re running two MPCs). The Town Ballroom sound crew swiftly fixed his problems, allowing Araabmuzik to deliver a relentless set of trance-infected trap music that lit the audience on fire. His expertise on the MPCs was certainly worth the price of admission as he hammered out superhuman rhythms, flying through track after track without pause. Photographer Christina Laing captured the night.

Live Printing at Team Radio Show in Buffalo NY

Live-Printing-Buffalo-NewYork-Team-Radio-3 Live Custom Shirts Printed in Buffalo NY

Live Custom Shirt Printing


Live Print Tour Update

Live Printing Tour!  Custom design and Printing on the road!

Our live print bus is on the road and hitting events big and small.  We have found a way to accommodate very large and very small events with the same great custom live printing methods.  After our most recent event in Saratoga Springs NY we have traveled to a cover a National Youth Basketball tournament in Virginia Beach.  Next stop is Niagara Falls where we will set up with Team Radio and offer custom live printed and personalized merchandise for this music group.  Look out for us at your favorite venue in your area, look out for us on the highway and custom design your products directly through our mobile custom design station.

About our Custom Tee Live Print Tour

Custom Tee Live Print Tour is coming to you where you can customize your shirt at your event! You can add things like your name, number and more than 1000 designs to commemorate your experience, memories, accomplishments and more.

The best thing is we bring this service to you at any location, any time, rain or shine. Our mobile custom tee shirt center is fully equipped with t-shirt customization equipment and plenty of blank merchandise to create tee shirts as well as custom phone cases, socks, bags and more of our custom products.

As of August 2015 The Mobile Custom Tee Center is currently on tour throughout the East Coast Printing in Virginia, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, Saratoga Springs, New York and heading to Niagara Falls and Chicago for summer events.

In essence this is a live printing tour. We have already started planning with colleges, events and other festivals to provide a unique live printing experience out of a mobile printing van that is the first of its kind.

Design your tee live at the Mobile design station using your phone images, instagram or facebook photos or art and let us print it for you on our Live Print Tour.

Want to request a stop on the tour?

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