It Starts with a dream.

This started as a dream built off love for creativity.  For the ability to do one unique thing that could be created once and then never taken away.

The dream becomes reality.

You dream, you wonder how to bring that dream to reality.  Whether its a product, an event or other it starts with an idea, a figment of your imagination and hopefully culminates in to reality.  The reality is the most beautiful part and its our goal and dream to try and fulfill your expectations and dreams to the closest representation possible.

Its our dream to help artists, event organizers and companies like yours produce these dreams to a tangible product with a high quality and even higher service standard.  Its truly our dream to help you make it possible.

We started small, equipped with one printer, one press and one large dream.  That is all we needed to grow into a company that today works with some of the most creative and fun companies, fortune 500 companies and top interactive marketing agencies in our world.  These partnerships and our gained knowledge of the print industry has allowed us to create memorable one off products at events around the nation.  Organically we have been working super hard at building a solid strong reputation and putting thousands and thousands of products made under our belt.  We have literally been building this thing from the ground up.

We take pride.

We do take pride in our ability to cater to the needs of both large and small organizations, to create one unique piece for the young child at summer camp, to produce one custom jersey for the young kid at the hockey rink and to also cater to the business who needs to outfit 100% of their employees with uniforms.

We want you.

We hope that in your consideration of all the different companies out there that really can handle your print and design needs that you will give us a chance.  We will do our best to make everything right for you while striving to outperform ourselves in our service at and leading to your event.  Whether its literally driving 20 hours through the night ourselves to make sure you get your last minute prints on time or giving you all of the money back because you are displeased with your order in any way.  We are those guys.  That do anything to make it right.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Meet Our Team

  • Eric Spaulding
    Eric Spaulding Live Print Manager
  • Christian Perry
    Christian Perry Live Print Manager
  • Chelsea Lapp Live Print Team Member
  • John Centi
    John Centi CEO
  • Mason Lange
    Mason Lange Graphic Designer