Live Printing Design Station

Live Printing is Something You Remember.

If you have ever attended an event that had Live Printing on location you most likely remember it. Chances are you engaged with the brand that was offering the chance for you to create a custom piece of apparel made just for you. You don’t have to be a huge corporation or massive event to bring Live Printing to your audience. Live screen printing brings a new life to any event and our Live Printing is way more than just screen printing. You also don’t need to be a printing professional or have knowledge of the apparel industry to deliver a great product and unique service. Leave it up to us. Live printing is our passion and we love to do what we do.

Our speed and quality make us unique.

We can print a shirt within 5 seconds on location for a customer. We can produce up to 10,000 shirts an hour with our unique set up and stations. As for quality, We know that so many of you have seen and used the traditional screen print ink that adheres to a shirt that is thick and uncomfortable. Ink Wells provides an exclusive printing process that is soft to the touch and we can provide prints that leave 100% no ink feel. This is the quality that makes our live printing different.

Customers come first.

When Ink Wells is a part of your team customer service is #1. We aim to please. Our staff not only understand the printing process but also understand how to handle customers.

Live Printing is more than just clothing.

Its Design, Its Engagement, Its a Memory

Products we can custom create on site for your audience.

T Shirts
Photo T Shirts
Phone Cases
Framed Canvas Prints


We can create a unique interactive design station with your company branding online that allow fans and on site customers to interact, customize and personalize their own product. Our custom design station includes an application dedicated to your brand.

We allow the users to experience first hand the creation process and in as little as 10 seconds have a fully custom, completely unique product.

Custom Design Interface!

Let us create a custom design interface for you for your brand. Ready to take your brand engagement to the next level? We offer custom software solutions for your next event. This a fun way to reach your customers because users can…

  • Upload their own photos from instagram/facebook
  • Create on Smartphone
  • Engage in Your Brand
  • Capture important information

Custom Software for Live Printing Events


We are traveling everywhere and handling multiple events per weekend. We have outfitted a bus that allows for custom live printing anytime, anywhere, rain or shine.

Last month we handled the following events on the same day.

Weekend Event 1 : Petapalooza

  • Location: Albany NY
  • Client: Priceless Companions
  • Environment: Largest Pet Adoption Event in New York State
  • Product: T shirts donated to everyone who adopts a pet + Create Custom Photo Shirts with pets on products.
  • Cause: Pet Adoption

Weekend Event 2 : Irie Weekend

  • Location: Miami Beach, Surfcomber Hotel
  • Client: Pepsico
  • Environment: Celebrity pool party
  • Product: White Beach towels with branding and 4 high definition photo quality logos printed on to White Tee Shirts
  • Cause: Youth support organization

Where else will we live print?

The Ink Wells crew are capable of handling multiple events, multiple locations at one time and have already handled events with thousands of attendees. We currently have a set up in California, New York, Florida, Ohio and Chicago and we enjoy the travel to accommodate.


Is it our Live Digital Printing Service, Live Screen Printing or something completely unique that you want to see if its possible? Let us know!

We are here to answer any questions you have about your live printing event and based on your needs we will guide you and give you direction for the printing method that best fits your model. Whether it be digital or screen printing we can accommodate your needs. Call us today to speak with one of our Live Printing representatives and let us create a custom quote for your event.

Check out Ink Wells on instagram and see some of our past live printing events HERE.

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Live Printing

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