DTG Printing for Custom Apparel

DTG Printing for Custom Apparel

Direct to Garment printing is the future of custom apparel printing.  We are so pleased to announce that we have now added this to our list of services we offer here at Ink Wells.  DTG Printing for Custom Apparel creates the freedom to print one individual art piece on to any color apparel with speed and amazing precision.

We will be using DTG printing for our custom t shirts, leggings, hoodies and tank tops.  We use this process for graphics that require a unique full color quality print in a small run.  Ink Wells is excited to have the ability to add this to our other printing processes including dye sublimation, screen printing and transfer printing.

Adding this feature to our list of services makes a large difference for the products and quality we can provide for our customers, our artists and at our events.  The first use of our DTG printing process will be in the launch of our Clothes By Kids campaign in which we allow children to create a unique piece of art and see it printed on to their shirt.  Additionally will be adding DTG printing during our live printing at events.  The most exciting use of our DTG printing will be with the launch of our artist marketplace that allows artists to promote and sell their art on t shirts throughout our site.   The DTG printing model will be great because it will enable us with the creative freedom to print small runs of graphically rich, detailed and colorful custom t shirts.

DTG Printing for Custom Apparel

One of the biggest advantages to our DTG printing instead of a process like screen printing is the fact that the direct to garment process uses water based inks. That’s not just more environmentally friendly than the screen printing process, it gives DTG an advantage in the realm of multi-media design as well.

When a shirt is screen printing, it’s typically done with a plastisol or very heavy ink set. The result is that it covers, or blocks off the weave of the garment. Thus, DTG printing serves as an all-around better option for both our company and the consumers to whom we deliver our products.


Custom Design Your Own Products

Custom Design Your Own Products Today!

Custom Product Design Software now available on InkWells.  You can now personalize your own apparel and products using your images from your computer, facebook or instagram account and put them together using our custom product designer tools.

Create your own custom tshirt, custom tank tops, custom footwear, custom pillows and custom phone cases hoodies, hats,with your own images and designs.

Create A Custom Product!

Its our goal to create an easy to use tool and unique design and purchasing experience here at InkWells.  We look forward to creating a cool and personalized product for you with your art and photography.  We utilize the best possible printing process and each one of our custom printed products turn out amazingly vibrant in color and design.