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Live Printing Los Angeles California

We Love LA. Our teams have been creating On Site customization activation in Los Angeles throughout some amazing events. Originating from a small town in Western New York its always been an honor to travel to, create and then build a team in LA to handle our on site custom requests.

Southern California is in our roots for creating and apparel. We have been in apparel manufacturing in Socal for over 10 years and on site Live printing events for over 5.

Who have we worked with in la

We handle most of the adidas on site customization throughout LA across multiple retail locations and special events. Additionally we have collaborated with Disney, AT&T, Samsung and more to create the highest quality and most unique on site custom printing projects.

During this activation we allowed guests to select from one of four different product types including phone cases, cotton canvas bags, poly backpacks or a stainless steel tumbler travel mugs.  Our team delivered on the call of the different product types and with our proprietary software allowed for easy selection and creation of a 100% unique product.

Our flexible set up allowed for us to create our production and design station in the offices of the ad agencies.  Our design software made it possible for the guests to design their product in real time using images from the guests phone, facebook or instagram accounts.  Some guests used our ipads to create their items while some did their designs from their desk computer while others used their phones.

Every product produced for the creative staff members of these agencies were 100% unique, designed and printed on location using our mobile on site sublimation set up and live design software.

We are so blessed to have such amazing clients we get to work with and allow guests to create some of the most amazing memorable products.

Want Live Sublimation Printing for your next event?

Aside from the products we used for this activation our live sublimation system allows for activation of products like custom socks, mugs, water bottles, backpacks, hats, flip flops, dog tags and phone cases.

Each item takes 1 minute to print per station, we are the only company in the world with instant order -> sublimation printing which we call Direct On Site Sublimation.  What this means is that we have the fastest turnaround for these products in the industry.

With the creation and interaction of the live design software we can also capture data that can be sent as a recap after the event with important information like your guest names, emails and more.

LIVE Embroidery

live embroidery in your retail store, event or private party…

laser engraving

live laser engraving is perfect for your higher end client…


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Live Print Tour Update

Live Printing Tour!  Custom design and Printing on the road!

Our live print bus is on the road and hitting events big and small.  We have found a way to accommodate very large and very small events with the same great custom live printing methods.  After our most recent event in Saratoga Springs NY we have traveled to a cover a National Youth Basketball tournament in Virginia Beach.  Next stop is Niagara Falls where we will set up with Team Radio and offer custom live printed and personalized merchandise for this music group.  Look out for us at your favorite venue in your area, look out for us on the highway and custom design your products directly through our mobile custom design station.

About our Custom Tee Live Print Tour

Custom Tee Live Print Tour is coming to you where you can customize your shirt at your event! You can add things like your name, number and more than 1000 designs to commemorate your experience, memories, accomplishments and more.

The best thing is we bring this service to you at any location, any time, rain or shine. Our mobile custom tee shirt center is fully equipped with t-shirt customization equipment and plenty of blank merchandise to create tee shirts as well as custom phone cases, socks, bags and more of our custom products.

As of August 2015 The Mobile Custom Tee Center is currently on tour throughout the East Coast Printing in Virginia, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York City, Saratoga Springs, New York and heading to Niagara Falls and Chicago for summer events.

In essence this is a live printing tour. We have already started planning with colleges, events and other festivals to provide a unique live printing experience out of a mobile printing van that is the first of its kind.

Design your tee live at the Mobile design station using your phone images, instagram or facebook photos or art and let us print it for you on our Live Print Tour.

Want to request a stop on the tour?

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