Custom T Shirt

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Design Your Own Custom Photo Shirt using your Instagram/Facebook Photos

Create your own t shirt with our custom t shirt designer.  You can upload your own image or graphics and custom design a one of a kind, custom printed piece of apparel made just for you.  Our custom all over print tshirts are made from 100% moisture resistant material and its kind of like an Under Armor shirt performance but feels like cotton.  To start your custom design follow the instructions below.

  • Choose your size and select “Design from Blank”
  • You will see our custom shirt design application open
  • Select your favorite photo or design from your computer and upload it!
  • Add to cart and send it our way and allow us to put Ink + Cotton together to make your custom t shirt

Ink Wells Custom Prints

We have created one of the most user friendly and innovative custom design tools that allow you to create unique all over print custom products.

Upload Your Own Art

Upload your own photos from your computer or phone and place the images on your custom shirt.

Upload from Instagram and Facebook

This is the most exciting thing custom designing t shirts with our software is that we allow you to extract your instagram and facebook pictures into our designer and use your favorite pics from your social media to create a totally custom product.

Add text

Create your own custom text and hashtag t shirts using a ton of fonts

Add Shapes

Hearts, Triangles and ten additional shapes can be added to create your custom t shirt.

About our custom printing process:

All over photo printing with custom full resolution image quality can only be done using our dye sublimation print process.   Our inks dye into the fabric of your garment leaving no ink feel, no residue, no cracking and no fading. Since the start of Ink Wells we have been focused on perfecting this print process as our art. Today it’s the standard for 100% product print customization.

With custom t shirts, we have found that we can use a special blend of polyester and cotton to create amazing black and multi colored inks using heather blend shirts for printing.

Design your custom t shirt with Ink Wells today!