How A T shirt is Made from Start to Finish

Ever wonder how a t shirt is made?  This is a video series that explains just how a t shirt is made from the very start to the finish.  This five part series starts with the United States grown raw cotton, shows the process of picking the cotton using heavy farm equipment on a cotton farm that produces enough cotton to make 9 million t shirts per year. The cotton is then followed from the USA to the factories where the cotton is produced and turned into yarn then weaved to produce the fabric that is then dyed and cut and sewn into the t shirts we are familiar with.

The series does not stop there, it introduces the people behind making your shirts and gives a little detail about who they are and why they work the way they do work. Although this is a harder portion of the segment to watch it kind of shows that although wages are low in some of these manufacturing positions, its essential to stabilize a further depressed economy. We realize how much of a little part of this process we really are and we take the time to hand print every single shirt that passes through our shop here at Ink Wells.

Enjoy this short series and learn more about How a TShirt is made.